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Article: Guide to the Samsung Galaxy S22: Memory, Durability, & More

Samsung Galaxy S22 with case

Guide to the Samsung Galaxy S22: Memory, Durability, & More

Samsung’s Galaxy series has been at the forefront of flagship phone tech for years now and the Galaxy S22 is no different. With an impressive feature set and spec list, it’s loaded with everything you’ll need from a top-tier smartphone for years to come.

At a somewhat hefty price tag, whether all those specs and features are something you’d need, and which version of the S22 to get calls for some consideration. In this guide, you’ll find all the details about each of the three Galaxy S22 series phones to help decide which is best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Overview

Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of the Galaxy S22 series phones from Samsung.



  • Top-of-the-line specs in 2022
  • Brilliant camera quality
  • Sturdy, water-resistant build
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Can’t expand memory via SD slot
  • Non-removable battery

Which Samsung Galaxy S22 is the best?

All of the Samsung Galaxy S22 devices are cutting-edge and offer powerful specs to do everything you need a flagship smartphone to do. Each tier offers a slight bump in terms of computing performance, camera quality, physical size, and battery capacity.

We’ve outlined those differences below for you to choose which works best for you. As expected, those bumps in performance come with a higher price tag. So if you’re looking to save some coin, consider which features are must-haves and which you can do without.


Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22+

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Dimensions 146 x 70.6 x 7.6mm 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6mm 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm
Specs Qualcomm SD 8 Gen 1, 8GB ram Qualcomm SD 8 Gen 1, 8GB ram Qualcomm SD 8 Gen 1, 8/12GB ram
Camera 10MP front / 3-lens 12/50/10MP rear 10MP front / 3-lens 12/50/10MP rear 40MP front / 5-lens 12/108/10/10 rear
Screen Size 6.1 inch 6.6 inch 6.81 inch
Battery 3700mAh (12.33 hours) 4500mAh (15.25 hours) 5000mAh (13.3 hours)
Storage 128/256GB 128/256GB 128/258/512GB/1TB
S-Pen No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions About the Samsung Galaxy S22

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this device lineup.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have expandable memory?

Each Galaxy S22 model has a few options for storage when you buy. The S22 and S22+ are available in 128GB or 256GB varieties. If you need a bit more capacity the S22 Ultra comes in 512GB and 1TB versions too.

Unfortunately, none of the three are equipped with micro SD slots. Storage capacity is a critical point that could be a real pain if you run out early in your phone’s lifespan. Have a real think about your storage needs before committing to anything. And though it comes at a price, we recommend you err on the side of having too much rather than too little.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have a headphone jack?

Sorry analog lovers! Like its recent predecessors, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 has no 3.5mm headphone jack. Starting from the S20, it seems like Samsung has no plans to equip its future flagship phones with headphone jacks. You won’t get any USB-C headphones included with your purchase either. So, you’ll have to rely on Bluetooth earbuds or buy USB-C headphones on your own.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 come with a screen protector?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is one sturdy device. A cool, armored-aluminum frame adds a feel of reliability that should easily withstand a big drop or two. This sturdiness extends to the screen too –– Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass Victus. Corning says Victus is twice as durable and scratch-resistant as its predecessors. And can handle drops of over 6.5 feet.

That said, we’d say a screen protector is still an essential buy. No matter how durable and tough a screen may be, it’s impossible to account for every possible danger. Your phone might fall at just the wrong angle, hit a corner dead center, and pierce cracks through your formerly pristine screen. A few months of keys and coins in your pocket can slowly wreak havoc. The cost of a screen protector is a trifle compared to what you could lose without one. So, do the smart thing!

Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra waterproof?

No need to worry about drops in puddles or the kitchen sink with the Galaxy S22 series. An IP68 dust/water resistance rating means it will withstand much more than a light drizzle. It’s water-resistant up to depths of about 5 feet.

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean taking your brand new device on your next snorkeling trip is in the cards. The phone isn’t designed for this and isn’t fully waterproof. But, you can rest easy knowing a drop in the pool isn’t going to destroy your device.

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22 With SaharaCase

No matter which version you go with, the Galaxy S22 will serve you well as one of the most reliable and popular smartphones on the market. Just don’t forget to protect your shiny new device with an equally reliable phone case and screen protector from SaharaCase.

SaharaCase stocks cases both rugged and minimal with everything in-between to keep your Galaxy S22 safe and sound. Use coupon code: NEWGLXY15 at checkout to save 15% on your purchase!

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