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Article: Phone Cases for Girls: Cute Phone Case for Girls of All Ages

cute phone cases for girls

Phone Cases for Girls: Cute Phone Case for Girls of All Ages

You ever see a baby, kitten, or puppy so cute you want to squeeze the living daylights out of it? What’s the deal with that? 

Well — we don’t have all the answers here, but we do understand the appeal of having a phone cute phone case! We’ve rounded up all of the adorable, pretty, and cute-as-pie phone cases for girls of all ages to enjoy.

Peep the list below for the perfect new look for your Samsung or iPhone. Just don’t squeeze too tight, alright? 

Cute iPhone Cases for Girls

iPhones look stylish all on their own. But, try one of these cute phone cases for girls to make your phone as adorable as a baby kitten. (And that’s cute as heck!). 

SaharaCase Teal Crystal iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

cute phone cases for girls

Want a case as cute as it is functional? Check out this SaharaCase Teal Crystal case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Besides looking cute as a button, it’s loaded with a circular MagSafe port on the backside for a Qi-certified charger. Shock-absorbing corners prevent dents and cracks in case you’re distracted by how adorable your case is and drop it. Ergonomic button covers feel great and keep dust out.


Redbubble Glittery Gold iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Shine as bright as you feel! We love this glittery gold iPhone 13 Pro Max case or its cute-with-class look. Made with ​​shock-absorbent TPU and anti-fingerprint finish, this case is a solid and adorable choice for the ultimate phone protection. You’ll also have the opportunity to use your MagSafe charger with this durable case. 


SaharaCase Clear Glitter iPhone 12 Mini Case

cute phone cases for girls

Enhance your iPhone’s natural sleekness with this clear glitter case that will cutify any iPhone 12 Mini! Shiny metallic glitter in a clear TPU case is subtle enough to keep your iPhone looking minimal while adding a few notches to your phone’s cute-o-meter. 

The non-slip design is great for avoiding drops and stopping dented corners when you do. And raised bits around your screen, camera, and bezel protect your phone from harm.


I-MGAE-IN-AR Leopard Case for iPhone 13

cute phone cases for girls

Translucent cover? Check. Holographic? Check. Unpronounceable brand name? Check. 

Lift your phone’s cuteness factor to new highs with this lovely leopard case for iPhone 13! The adorable light pink color and pleasing design make this a top choice for cute phone cases for girls. 

The translucent cover gives your phone a brilliant, shiny appearance while keeping the iPhone’s aesthetics intact. It’s made of an anti-yellowing, anti-scratch coating to protect your phone and look great for years to come.

And if you ever get tired of admiring the cute pink leopard print, you could always have some fun asking your friends to pronounce I-MGAE-IN-AR correctly (Your guess is as good as ours!). 


Pro Tip: Make sure to grab a screen protector with your new adorable phone case to keep your screen scratch-free!

Cute Samsung Phone Cases for Girls

Let’s not forget our friends with Samsung phones! These cute phone cases for girls were each made with the essence of a puppy’s smile and spiced with fresh cinnamon sprigs. Okay… they’re totally not. Can you imagine though?

SaharaCase Hard Shell Case for Galaxy Z Fold 3

cute phone cases for girls

Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple y’all. That’s what this SaharaCase Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is all about with its minimalist aesthetic. 

This solid, pink case looks and feels great, thanks to anti-slip TPU material and its slim profile. Slide your Galaxy Z Fold 3 in and out of your pocket with ease any time you need. Cute can be simple, too, with this bare, elegant case!


Etsy Japanese Dog Phone Cases for Samsung S20 / S21

cute phone cases for girls

With the cuteness of 1,000 puppies, these handmade Japanese dog phone cases will spark a smile in even the meanest of curmudgeons. 

Their 3D anime-inspired chibi look is perfect for younger girls or Japanimation fans of all ages. Soft silicone feels great in the hand with a silky texture. Just keep in mind all that material on the case adds some bulk and weight if you’re looking to keep your phone light.


Etsy Space Unicorn for Samsung S9 Full Phone Wrap

cute phone cases for girls

Unicorns. In. Space. C’mon! What more could you want?! These adorable Samsung S9 Space Unicorn phone wraps come in a wide array of colors to suit any style. 

These wraps come with a glossy, high-quality plastic shell to protect your phone from scratches and drops. Each wrap fits around the case fully with bezels for a neat look. The design is very slim to keep your phone light and easy to get into and out of a pocket or purse. 


Find the Cutest Case with SaharaCase

There you have it! These are just a few cute phone cases for girls available. From full-on glitter to unicorns in space, there’s a case out there for everyone. And if these aren’t quite your style, SaharaCase offers a variety of cases for Apple and Samsung users alike!

Don’t forget to use code PHONE4G15 to save 15% on any SaharaCase product featured here!

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