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Article: The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases for College Professors

The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases for College Professors

The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases for College Professors

As the world of education continues to embrace digital transformation, the iPad Pro has emerged as a powerful tool for educators. It offers unmatched versatility and portability, especially when paired with the right accessories. For college professors, having an iPad Pro isn’t just about going paperless; it’s about enhancing the teaching experience, whether you’re delivering lectures, managing research, or engaging with students in interactive sessions.

In this blog post, we delve deep into the realm of iPad Pro keyboard cases, an essential accessory for any professor aiming to maximize their productivity and ease of use. We understand that the perfect keyboard case not only needs to be durable and protective but also comfortable for typing, responsive, and ideally, should enhance the functionality of the iPad Pro. We'll review a variety of cases that meet these criteria, from sleek and stylish to rugged and feature-rich, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your teaching style and daily needs.

The Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases

Below, we will share six of the top iPad Pro cases with keyboards for college professors and staff. The case selections will be split into cases for the 12.9” and 11” iPad Pro models. 


iPad Pro 12.9” Options

SaharaCase Navigate Series Keyboard Folio Case - iPad Pro 12.9"


This iPad Pro smart keyboard folio case from SaharaCase offers the highest quality and functionality. The Navigate Series Keyboard Folio Case transforms the iPad Pro into a versatile workstation by combining sleek style with practical protection. Navigate both work and play with unmatched ease.

Made from soft silicone and a microfiber interior, the case is protective against accidental drops. The raised edges for screen and lens defense provide additional safety for your device's most vulnerable parts. The removable Bluetooth keyboard pairs seamlessly with the iPad Pro. The case has a built-in trackpad and is easily recharged for reliable use. The integrated Apple Pencil holder ensures you never misplace your Apple Pencil and the smart wake/sleep function of the folio case preserves the battery. 

Price: $109.99

Where to Buy: (Bulk Purchasing Available)


Apple Magic Keyboard Case for the 12.9” iPad Pro

The Apple Magic Keyboard case is specially designed for the iPad Pro to enhance its functionality and transform it into a suitable device for professionals. The magic keyboard features a comfortable browsing experience with responsive keys and a touch trackpad. It also boasts a USB-C charging port, backlighting for the keyboard, and a magnetic cantilever design to make finding the perfect angle simple.

The keyboard case comes in both black and white to suit any professional’s preferences. This case is a great option but comes with a hefty price tag.

Price: $349.00

Where to Buy:

ESR iPad Pro 12.9” Ascend Keyboard Case

The Ascend Keyboard case from ESR is another fantastic option for the iPad Pro. This Bluetooth keyboard allows you to work in both portrait and landscape mode. It features easy-press buttons, long-lasting battery life, full Apple Pencil support, and a secure magnetic clasp to keep your device safe from scratches. 

Choose the perfect angle between 15°–180° with this highly customizable keyboard case. Transform your iPad Pro into a portable workstation with a detachable back case. It also boasts a multi-functional trackpad and customizable backlit keys. 

Price: $119.99

Where to Buy: 


iPad Pro 11” Options

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 11” Keyboard Folio Case

The Combo Touch case from Logitech transforms your iPad Pro into more than a laptop. With this case, you can increase your productivity with its incredibly responsive design. The case features Logitech’s largest-ever click-anywhere trackpad that allows for Multi-Touch trackpad gestures. 

SMART CONNECTOR technology makes the trackpad responsiveness unmatched and provides a seamless keyboard powering and pairing experience. The keyboard boasts 16 levels of backlighting brightness for comfortable typing. This case is sleek and modern — perfect for university professors looking to bring style to their devices. There is convenient volume control access and a full row of iPadOS shortcut keys to make typing and navigating easy. 

Price: 199.99

Where to Buy:


ZAGG Pro Keys Wireless Keyboard & Detachable Case for iPad Pro 11”

This iPad Pro keyboard case from ZAGG offers a unique work experience with an adjustable stand to find the ideal viewing angle. The keyboard offers premier responsiveness and backlit keys for working at night. The iPad Pro case also features magnetic storage for your Apple Pencil to ensure you never lose track of it. 

The case is made with a rigid core from polycarbonate and boasts rubber edges and corner bumpers to provide ample drop protection. The thin and lightweight design is both protective and stylish, and can easily be slipped into a bag when on the move. It also offers great battery life and sleep/wake functions for the iPad to preserve the battery when not in use. 

Price: $109.99

Where to Buy:


SaharaCase Navigate Series Keyboard Folio Case - iPad Pro 11”

The Navigate Series Keyboard Folio Case from SaharaCase is designed to enhance both the functionality and quality of your iPad Pro, transforming it into a flexible workstation. It merges a stylish, sleek design with effective protection, allowing you to effortlessly switch between work and leisure.

Constructed from soft silicone with a microfiber lining, this case offers robust protection against accidental drops. It also features raised edges that shield the screen and camera lens, safeguarding the most sensitive areas of your device. The removable Bluetooth keyboard connects smoothly with the iPad Pro, includes a built-in trackpad, and can be easily recharged, ensuring consistent performance and a great typing experience. Additionally, the case incorporates an Apple Pencil holder to secure your stylus and a smart wake/sleep function to conserve battery life.

Price: $99.99

Where to Buy: (Bulk Purchasing Available)


Shop SaharaCase for the Best iPad Pro Keyboard Cases

College professors are always looking for ways to boost productivity and enhance their workstations. What better way to protect your iPad Pro than with a multi-functional keyboard case?

SaharaCase offers a wide selection of durable iPad Pro cases including ones with Bluetooth keyboards. If you’re in the market to purchase an affordable, high-quality option, shop online at

Bulk order buying options are also available for colleges and universities! See our Business page  for more details. 

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