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Article: Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Cases [2021]

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Cases [2021] | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Cases [2021]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 is the baby brother to the more powerful Tab S7, but the little guy still packs plenty of value in a small package. Being a more budget option, there is a huge array of case options out there. We’ve done the hard work for you, gathering 10 fantastic case options for any taste and any budget.

Why Get a Case for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab A7?

Since the tablet is a more budget-friendly option, you might wonder if it’s even necessary to pick up a Galaxy Tab A7 case. Although the A7 is indeed smaller and less expensive than its big brother, the S7, it still features a very sturdy build quality and all-metal construction that you won’t want to scratch or damage, especially if you ever want to resell the tablet later on.

A case prevents unsightly scratches and does absorb impact damage that would otherwise go straight to the screen, possibly even causing tablet-bricking cracks. Therefore, a case is a great way to protect and preserve your Galaxy Tab A7 for years and years.

As case makers ourselves, we look for certain things in a quality Galaxy Tab A7 case:

  • Excellent protective quality. A case that looks good and a case that actually absorbs impact damage are often two different things. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to protect the Tab A7.
  • Affordable price. Being a budget-friendly device, the Galaxy Tab A7 should have a case that relatively matches its place on the tablet price scale. We don’t think decent protection should only come at high prices.
  • Good looks. If you’re going to cover the Tab A7’s lustrous aluminum finish with a case, it should at least look nice. Some sort of added visual flair also goes a long way in our book.
  • Extra features. Kickstand. Pen holder. Document pocket. Drink dispenser. Anything to add some bonus functionality to the Tab A7 is swoon-worthy to us.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 cases you can purchase for your beloved tablet:

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab a7 Cases in 2021

SaharaCase writers select Top 10 products independently. If you buy through Amazon affiliate links, we may earn commissions.

1. SaharaCase Multi-Angle Case for Galaxy Tab A7

We’re starting this list off with a bang. If a case can be beautiful (and we think it can be) this is certainly a stunner. Simple, clean lines and understated appeal eschew true protective benefits with tablet-cradling TPU leather and microfiber construction. An auto wake/sleep cover keeps things running fast and smooth, while the multi-angle kickstand keeps things comfortable from the table to your lap and back again. The aqua color is truly unique, but the gray is subtly textured for a refined look.

This is an excellent, safe choice for yourself or as a gift for the Galaxy Tab A7 user in your life.

Buy now at

2. Spigen Tough Armor Pro Case

As Spigen says, the Tough Armor Pro Galaxy Tab A7 case is “made for the extreme.” It certainly looks the part, with an all-black design and slick detailing. Since it’s dual-layer, the case offers plenty of protection in a slim profile, including raised bevels around the vulnerable screen and camera.

This is a peace-of-mind granting case with enough personality to distinguish itself from similar designs. A higher price point means better-quality materials, so if you’re looking for something to slip on your A7 and be confident it’ll last the lifetime (and beyond) of the tablet, this is a wise choice.

Buy now at

3. Timecity Smart Trifold Case

If you’re looking for a case that adds a little something funky to your Galaxy Tab A7, these colorful choices from Timecity are great options. While they feature a refined style that would fit in inside most homes or offices, the striking bands of color add a welcome pop of personality. The light blue, almost an 80s-evoking teal, is particularly attractive.

The Timecity case is not without protective merits, either, with a protective backing and folding screen protector all in the same package.

Buy now at

4. Samsung Book Cover Case for Galaxy Tab A7

While we’re not always the biggest fans of device manufacturer forays into the case market, Samsung has developed a decidedly decent case with their Book Cover concept. Undeniably sleek and stylish, this case blends perfectly with the Galaxy Tab A7’s own design language. We are a bit dubious of the protective benefits of this case, so anyone needing ultra-reliable protection should look elsewhere.

Because the case is held and covered only in the four corners, there are some edges left unguarded, which could lead to scratching or worse. Be that as it may, Samsung’s Book Cover is so pretty and so well-designed that we had to add it to the list. If your tablet stays around the house, this would look excellent on your counter or coffee table.

Buy now at

5. SaharaCase Teddy Bear Kidproof Case

Talk about fun! This case wears its purpose on its sleeve (or cuddly arms, as the case may be). This case is designed for kids, as the adorable teddy bear instantly signals. Hidden beneath that huggable exterior, however, is some serious protective design with a thick rubber construction that’s perfect for little hands (and big drops).

To add to the cleverness, the bear’s little arms flip out to become flip-stands for playroom movie time, and there’s an easy-carry suitcase-style handle on top for breezy transport. If you’ve got young kids (or are young-at-heart yourself), you can’t go wrong with this cuddly little number from SaharaCase.

Buy now at

6. INFILAND Clear Case for Galaxy Tab A7

We usually like to add an inexpensive clear case to our case roundups to encourage those who may not usually go with a case to at least consider something simple. As you might have guessed, we’re big believers in the benefits of tablet cases, and there’s not much excuse for not going with this clear option from INFILAND.

For one, it’s very inexpensive. For two, it has a modestly thin clear backing as well as a folding screen protector. For three, it supports auto sleek/wake, which isn’t always present in cases on the lower end of the price spectrum. All in all, this is a solid clear case for anyone seeking such an option, but especially as an alternative to not having a case at all.

Buy now at

7. CCMAO Rotating Kickstand Case for Galaxy Tab A7

At SaharaCase, we're fans of a sturdy kickstand case. As a contrast to our previous case, this kickstand Galaxy Tab A7 case from CCMAO definitely draws attention to itself with bold lines and a prominent hand strap. Although sometimes hand-strap cases can get in the way, a properly-designed one that doesn’t flop around too much can be a great asset and offers another, extra-secure way to hold the tablet. The hand strap on this model rotates 360-degrees and is size-adjustable.

We also like the three-layer protective design of the case, along with the sealed button and port cutouts, which are somewhat rare but welcome in the case world.

Buy now at

8. ZtotopCase Premium Leather Folio Case

Now, this is a good-looking case. A grown-up case. A case with panache and style. Okay, maybe we’re gushing a little, but we just love the look that ZtotopCase has delivered here.

The contrasting textured fabric and leather materials work extremely well, especially when paired with the precise pick-stitching that ties the whole thing together in a retro package of case goodness. That’s not all, as a built-in organizer pocket, hand-strap, multi-position stand, and auto sleep/wake make this one of our top choices in Galaxy Tab A7 cases.

Buy now at

9. Fintie Multi-Angle Folio Case

Fintie has delivered some of our favorite cases over the years, and this variation on the popular Folio form-factor for the Galaxy Tab A7 is no exception. Confidently understated is how we’d describe the look, but with enough personality to stand out.

We like a case with flexible TPU that absorbs shock better than hard materials alone, and Fintie delivers that here. A multi-angle stand allows for an ultra-low angle (again, not always available) rounds out a good-bet case for just about anyone.

Buy now at

10. SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case

Although it’s possible to find cheaper keyboard case options out there, we don’t recommend them. A keyboard is something that you don’t want to compromise on, as there’s something distinctly unpleasant about long writing sessions on a cheaply-made, hollow-feeling keyboard.

We made sure that our Bluetooth keyboard is sturdy and responsive, with chiclet-style keys that form to the fingers well. If that wasn’t enough, the case itself, made from ultra-soft PU leather and luxurious microfiber, make for excellent defense materials against drops and scratches.

We also know that a keyboard is, for many, a sometimes accessory. With that in mind, we made the keyboard easily removable from the case while preserving the case’s protective benefits. This is a case that transforms the humble Galaxy Tab A7 into a veritable laptop powerhouse. That’s why it’s one of our top picks for Galaxy Tab A7 cases.

Buy now at

Happy Hunting!

We hope this list has inspired your hunt for the perfect Galaxy Tab A7 case. Head over to our shop for an entire range of options, from the quietly understated to the boldly unique, and, as always, happy hunting!

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