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Article: 13 Sturdy iPhone Cases for Kids to Keep That Phone Protected

13 Sturdy iPhone Cases for Kids to Keep That Phone Protected

13 Sturdy iPhone Cases for Kids to Keep That Phone Protected

We’ve probably all uttered that phrase “kids will be kids” from time to time. However, one time you don’t want to find yourself saying that is while staring at a newly broken iPhone with the vestiges of Fruit Ninja still visible beneath the cracked surface. If you’re handing an iPhone over to a kid, whether the device is your current daily driver or an older model, you’ll want to be sure it’s protected. As even the most hearty drop test may not stand up to the chaos that a kid can dish out, you’ll need something that’s child-proof.

Kids mean well, we’re sure of it. But, hey, they’re just plain clumsy sometimes. That’s why we’ve collected some of our favorite kid-proof iPhone cases to make sure your phone stays well-protected during screen time and beyond.

Kid-Proof iPhone Cases That Will Come in Handy

Although we’ve included a few on this list for the sake of fun, when looking for a case that will transition well between adults and kids, it’s best to stick to the basics. Quality materials, sturdy build, and smart features are what we look for in a good candidate for an iPhone case for kids and adults alike.

1. SaharaCase GRIP Series for iPhone

SaharaCase GRIP Series for iPhone

There’s a lot to love in our GRIP Series case, and it’s not just its specially engineered specs. Available in a wide variety of kid-friendly hues, the back of the GRIP Series case is kept clear to allow the beauty of the iPhone to shine through, augmented nicely by the added rubberized grip edging.

Well-suited to big and small hands alike, the GRIP Series case has a two-layer construction that snaps together firmly over the iPhone itself for the total protection of the body and screen. This allows you to rest easy when your phone is in your kid’s hands. SaharaCase caters to several generations of phones, including iPhone cases for iPhone 6 and 7, all the way up to the latest devices.

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2. X-Doria Raptic Shield for iPhone

X-Doria Raptic Shield for iPhone

An offering from California-based X-Doria, the Raptic Shield is a truly unique-looking case that will have kids and adults mesmerized by its tasteful-yet-playful rainbow banding. That colorful pop masks real protective features with a robust, thick construction that X-Doria claims will hold up to a 10-foot drop. It’s impressive, to say the least.

Our favorite Raptic Shield feature is actually in the materials themselves: machined metal is highly durable and isn’t subject to the chipping or fading that can sometimes befall cheaper plastic materials. The polycarbonate interior provides ample impact absorption. This colorful affair is an excellent iPhone case for kids and kids at heart.

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3. LifeProof NÜÜD Series Case for iPhone

LifeProof NÜÜD Series Case for iPhone

LifeProof’s NÜÜD Series has a wildly good build quality that we highly recommend for anyone with kids. With certified drop protection and husky rubber construction, this case will stand up to pretty much any drop or impact situation.

The best part is that LifeProof has figured out how to add water- and snow-proofing into a case that does away with the bulk and added parts of most other moisture-proof cases. The case is screenless, so you’ll be able to use the actual iPhone screen, rather than an overlay. This is an incredibly usable, highly protective case designed for rugged outdoor adventuring, so it’ll do fine against kids… right? Right?

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4. Platinum Dual-Layer Protective Case for iPhone

Platinum Dual-Layer Protective Case for iPhone

This relatively basic case from Best Buy’s in-house brand, Platinum, is a safe bet for anyone looking for inexpensive yet reliable protection to kid-proof their iPhone. The dual-layer rubbery silicone and stiff polycarb construction offers more protection than a barebones rubber case. The matte finish also holds up well over time against nicks and scratches. We’re big fans of the color choices that Best Buy offers –– including lovely shades of blue, pink, and a cloudy grey –– that stand out well in a sea of basic black competitors.

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5. UAG Civilian Case for iPhone

UAG Civilian Case for iPhone

While this UAG case’s unassuming looks are appropriately “civilian”, its protective features are ample. Constructed of a shock-absorbing rubberized material that’s not too thick for small hands, this UAG case is a very safe bet to keep your phone protected while in your kid’s possession. The bluish, textured design is just interesting enough to stand out but will fit well in any environment, from the office to an afternoon hike to a kid’s birthday party. UAG is one of our favorite brands for reliable mainstays in the case realm, and their Civilian model is no exception.

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6. Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

This tank-like case has long been one of our favorite iPhone cases for kids for uncompromising protection that won’t have you worried about even the most punishing falls and drops. With extra features like raised edges and a limited lifetime warranty (justifying the Otter + Pop’s equally beefy price tag), this is a premium case that will last.

The best feature is the ingenious integration of PopSocket functionality. Kids will love the ability to easily swap any PopGrip they choose to immediately change the look of the device — and add extra grip and functionality. We recommend the Violet Dusk color for an eye-catching shade with just a hint of speckled shine.

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7. Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone

Spigen’s aptly named Tough Armor Series eschews the frills to get right to the point, and the case itself does the same. The Tough Armor case is attractive, especially in the cherry red shade we chose. However, the real quality shines through in its build — multi-layer impact protection with all-new foam tech.

The Tough Armor is a pretty hefty affair, but it should still fit neatly into smaller hands. The built-in kickstand makes watching Disney+ on the table or floor a snap. If you’re looking for a reliable case that will transition nicely from adult to child, you may have found your answer in this offering from Spigen. A longstanding mainstay casemaker, you’re sure to find several great options, as Spigen makes iPhone 6 cases for kids and adults all the way up to the modern iPhone 12 and beyond.

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8. SaharaCase Military Kickstand Series Case for iPhone

SaharaCase Military Kickstand Series Case for iPhone

For our last pick, we’ve pulled out all the stops. Our Military Kickstand Series lives up to its name with a case that’s built for the toughest missions — whether it be a long car ride to Grandma’s or post-playdate screen time on the sofa.

If the Military Kickstand’s rough-and-tumble looks make an iPhone appear virtually indestructible, kids might view that as a challenge. Not to worry: our cases are designed by phone repair engineers with years of experience in the hows and whys of phone breakage. We included reinforced protection where it matters the most. The minty green color makes the Military Series more approachable, while the built-in kickstand ring is a welcome functionality.

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Awesome iPhone Cases for Kids

Okay — just for fun — we threw in a few iPhone case picks that are a little more kid-centric. We haven’t forgotten the first line item on our wishlist — protective benefits. These cases also have a healthy dose of whimsy, magic, and just plain fun. Whether you’re looking for kid-proof iPhone 12 cases or something a little older like iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 cases for kids, this list is a great place to start your search.

9. Case-Mate Twinkle Case for iPhone

SaharaCase Military Kickstand Series Case for iPhone

If your kid loves sparkles, this just might be the ultimate case for them. Dubbed the Twinkle by Case-Mate, this scratch-resistant case is slightly transparent, allowing the color of your iPhone to show through beneath the layer of (extremely) sparkly glitter.

Solid metal built-in buttons add further protection to an otherwise relatively basic, yet abundantly protective, case. Any parents looking for extra rugged protection against drops, waterproofing, or other extreme features ought to look elsewhere, but the Twinkle (and other similar cases from Case-Mates) is a perfectly reasonable everyday iPhone companion.

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10. Redbubble Printed Case for iPhone

Redbubble Printed Case for iPhone

If there’s a fandom you or your kid (or both of you!) are into, chances are it has a presence on Redbubble. Fueled directly by an array of artists who create some truly amazing work, Redbubble also offers cases (printed with those designs) that are surprisingly good quality.

We couldn’t resist the Dahl-inspired Wonka golden ticket design (bringing new meaning to a “candy bar” form-factor phone). But there are tons of other cool options on Redbubble — all printed on high-quality rubberized cases. They aren’t necessarily anything to write home about in terms of above-and-beyond protection, however, they do the job well — and they do it with fun!

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11. Push Pop Bubble Fidget Case for iPhone

Push Pop Bubble Fidget Case for iPhone

At just $2.50 — yes you read that right — this case is certainly the least expensive on our list, and, perhaps, the most unique when it comes to iPhone cases for kids. Decked out with a whole grid of those satisfying poppable bubbles that spring back and forth, the Push Pop case (and all its variants) are a fidgeters dream.

While we might not recommend this case for your main phone that occasionally sees kid use (unless you’re a fidgeter yourself), this would be an excellent candidate for a secondary phone that sees extra use on long car trips or the like. The rubber construction will hold up reasonably well to everyday use, while the air-containing bubbles actually do double duty as shock absorbers. Your kid’s fidget spinner (are those still a thing?) just got a new best friend!

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12. Stitch Case for iPhone

Stitch Case for iPhone

Who better to protect your favorite device than that wily alien with a heart of gold himself, Stitch? Who could resist this rubberized case emblazoned with the “aww” inducing face of Experiment 626 himself? It even has ears that double as handy carry tabs. Its rubbery construction should protect reasonably well against drops, although we wouldn’t pit it against a more methodically designed case, like a Spigen or SaharaCase.

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13. Jowhep Retro Phone Case for iPhone

Jowhep Retro Phone Case for iPhone

Between all the resurgent 80s and 90s material out today (we just checked out the new Rugrats on Paramount+, #notsponsored), kids can’t get enough of retro. Some of us at SaharaCase are old enough to remember when the type of phone featured in Jowhep’s cute iPhone case was actually new, but we still get quite a kick out of this surprisingly protective option.

The main attraction of this case is, of course, the novel design. Inspired by retro handheld colors, this one in a bubblegum pink shade that just screams 1986. However, the thick rubber construction, particularly around the “ear” and “mouthpiece”, lend themselves well to impact-absorbing protection. We recommend tethering the iPhone to a wall with a 4-foot cord for the full vintage experience.

Buy now at

A Whole World of Kid-Proof iPhone Cases at Your Fingertips

Now that you’ve got some insider tips, go forth with the knowledge you need to outfit your iPhone with a case both you and your little one will love. Head on over to our shop for an entire inventory of iPhone cases for kids and protective gear for your whole device collection.

Whether you’re handing your best tech over to your tikes or not, think of SaharaCase when you think of kid-class protection, because, really, what better indicator of quality is there?

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