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Functional iPad Protection for all Occasions

We ask a lot of our iPads. They’re workhorses that may not be used as often as our phones, but we often call on them at a moment’s notice. You want to make sure that tablet comes out of the depths of your bag spotless and safe. That’s why we at SaharaCase design every iPad case to be stylishly functional with a minimal footprint.

We craft unique iPad cases for all the latest models, including the iPad Mini 7.9, iPad 10.2", and iPad Pro 11". We’re especially proud of our Heavy Duty line, which features both a kickstand and convenient hand strap for a seamless and safe transition from hand-holding to tabletop use. If you’re concerned about protecting the screen when not in use, our Folio Line has a folding soft-touch cover that doubles as a stand. Or, pair your cased-up iPad case with an iPad screen protector.

From the iPad Mini 7.9 to the iPad Air 10.5, there’s a range of cases waiting for you. Designed and extensively tested by repair engineers that understand how and why electronic devices break, every iPad case we create is constructed to a high standard of durability, functionality, and style.