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Installation Guides


Installation w/ Alignment Tool

Cell Phone

Installation w/o Alignment Tool

Cell Phone

Installation w/ Alignment Tool

Step by Step


Wash and dry your hands thoroughly to remove dust and oils.


Wash your device's screen with the included alcohol prep pad, then dry it with the microfiber cloth.

lint remover


Peel the protective layer off the blue Lint Remover (sticker A) and place the Remover onto your screen, firmly pressing out any air bubbles. Then, lift the Remover off. This will leave a dust-free surface for the Tempered Glass to adhere to.


Peel the protective layer off the ZeroDamage Tempered Glass (sticker B). Hold the glass by the edges, be careful not to touch the sticky side. Slowly place the Tempered Glass onto your screen. Use the speaker and button cutouts as guides. Sometimes it is easiest to line up the top and work your way to the bottom. The glass should begin to adhere by itself.

zerodamage tempered glass

zerodamage alignment


Using the included squeegee, press out any air bubbles from the center and moving out to the edges.


Insert your device into the SaharaCase, making sure all four corners are snug and secure.


If you'd like to remove or re-align the Tempered Glass, use the squeegee to gently pry at the edges, starting with a corner. The seal on the glass should slowly lift up and pop off.

If you're having a difficult time getting the Tempered Glass to adhere, more moisture in the air may help. Try applying the glass in the bathroom after a nice steamy shower. Just don't take your phone in with you.