About the Rewards Program

The SaharaCase Rewards Program is a way for our customers to recieve great deals on their favorite products and share those with their friends and family. It is available to anyone who joins our growing SaharaCase community through registering at Saharacase.com, click here to register today!

Once you have an account, you can start liking and sharing to collect those points!


  • Points are not transferable and have no monetary value outside of Saharacase.com
  • Points have no expiration dates.
  • Limit of up to 30% off each order.

You may view your rewards by clicking the My Account link in the top bar or Profile Icon on mobile and then clicking on My Reward Points.

100 Sahara Gold / $1
Any purchase a referred friend makes
50 Sahara Gold
Facebook or Google+ Like
100 Sahara Gold
One Each Per Day
Refer a Friend, get points for every purchase they make.
100 Sahara Gold
Share Us on Facebook
200 Sahara Gold
One Per Day
Tweet About Us
200 Sahara Gold
One Per Day
Newsletter Sign Up
200 Sahara Gold
Every Purchase
200 Sahara Gold
Refer A Friend, recieve points when they sign up.
300 Sahara Gold
Leave us a review on a product page
300 Sahara Gold (On Approval)
One Per Day
Referred Friend makes their first purchase
500 Sahara Gold