Your losing money without a tempered glass screen protector

Two elements are required to create optimal phone protection. First is a quality case to protect the device from scratches and second is a quality screen protector that will help keep your screen safe from damage.

Most smartphone cases do not come with a screen protector, but the ones that do typically will include a cheap film protector. You might have seen those come with an OtterBox Commuter case. Manufacturers sell cases and screen protectors separately because it leads to higher profits for them, but less value for the consumer.

At SaharaCase, our Protection Kits includes a precision engineered case with a quality tempered glass screen protector. Why? because we wanted to eliminate 99% of instances of screen damage. Tempered glass is the same stuff used in car’s windshield. Now, you would not drive a vehicle without a windshield, now would you? Buying a case without a tempered glass screen is like buying a new car that is missing a windshield.

Smartphone technology has made screens much bigger, and that means the touchscreens are more prone to damage. To avoid costly screen repairs, your device screen should not be left unprotected. It is essential that you immediately install a tempered glass screen protector after you purchase your device.

We recommend a tempered glass screen protector for your device for the following reasons; First, it goes on bubble free, it prevents fingerprint stains, it feels great to the touch, and its crystal clear.

Now do the smart thing, before you purchase a phone, get yourself a precision engineered SaharaCase Protection Kit.

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