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Samsung Tablet Cases

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Looking for a durable and stylish new case for your Samsung tablet? Explore the best Samsung tablet cases from our wide selection of protective options. Search your model today and find the perfect case!


Samsung tablets are incredible tools. Great for productivity, entertainment, and everything in between, they’re truly versatile devices. A workhorse tablet gets tossed around a lot. Around bags, into the trunk, and in every corner of the kids’ playroom — protect that Galaxy Tab with a long-lasting Samsung tablet case. From the Galaxy Tab A to the Galaxy Tab S6, our ZeroDamage™ protectors are designed by experienced engineers who understand how and why tablets break.

The best Samsung tablet cases are multitaskers, just like the devices they protect. Our ZeroDamage™ screen protectors are no exception. From our Folio line, which offers a professional touch and smart features like auto-wake, to our rugged Heavy Duty offerings that provide outstanding shock-proof durability, there’s a Samsung tablet case for everyone. Don’t forget to finish off your tablet with a Samsung tablet screen protector too!

Whether you’re rocking the Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab E, Galaxy Tab S7, or Galaxy Tab S4, or another Samsung tablet, we’ve got you covered. Each Samsung tablet case is meticulously engineered for its specific model, ensuring features like targeted protection and precision cutouts are always right on the mark. Check out all our offerings and wrap up your Samsung Galaxy Tab in smart protection. 

How to Choose a Samsung Tablet Case

With so many options out there, it can be challenging to decide on the perfect case. We’ve created a brief guide to help you narrow down your choices and select the right Samsung tablet case for you!

Determine Protective Needs

The level of protection is a major consideration to keep in mind shopping for a Samsung tablet case. Is your tablet being used primarily by a child? You may want to consider a kid-proof case, then! Does your tablet sit in one spot on your desk all day long? A folio case may offer just the right level of protection and help you view your screen a little easier!

Research Features

The next step in choosing a case is to understand the key features that set each case apart. Does the case allow you to properly use your buttons? What does it offer to help it withstand accidental drops? Will it come with any unique features, such as a strap to make carrying the device a little easier? Every case is different, so make sure you look into what makes a case stand out from the rest. 

Choose a Style

Who says you can’t combine durability with style? We think you should have both! That’s why our cases offer so many different styles. Are you looking for a sleek and professional look for your tablet? How about a fun, colorful Samsung tablet case that adds a dash of brightness to your desk? Decide on the style of your tablet and find one that matches your favorite aesthetic. 

Samsung Tablet Case Features

At Sahara Case, the safety of your device is our top priority. That’s why we’ve created a line of protective  Samsung tablet cases for every model. With every case, you can expect a certain level of durability and style. Our cases proudly offer features such as: 

  • Triple-hardened construction. Our TPU materials promote the durability that many tablet owners seek. This material also reduces the stretching and yellowing that often occur over time, leaving your Samsung tablet case looking brand new for much longer!
  • Shock-absorbing corners. Tablets aren’t always handled with the utmost care. With our shock-absorbing corners, they don’t have to be. These corners help to minimize the impact on your device in the event of an accidental drop. 
  • Helpful handles. Our kid-proof cases come equipped with convenient carrying handles to make transportation a little easier. Your child can safely bring their tablet everywhere they go with a decreased risk of damaging drops. 
  • Closed-button design. The last thing you want is a case that prohibits the use of the lock and volume buttons. Our ergonomic closed-button design protects your buttons without limiting their functionality. 
  • Screen protector. Some of our Samsung tablet cases come with a built-in screen protector to safeguard your tablet against damages. Eliminate the risk of scratches and cracks with this protective feature. Choosing a case without a built-in protector? No worries — just add a screen protector to your cart too!

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