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iPad Mini 7.9 Cases

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Superior Protection for a Powerhouse Device

Even more portable than its full-size sibling, the iPad Mini is a powerhouse device that can go pretty much anywhere. All that flexibility, however, comes with its own risks. Namely, the increased probability that, eventually, that tablet will become acquainted with a sidewalk, tile floor, or other hard surfaces that pose an all-too-real threat to the screen. Our iPad Mini cases are crafted from the ground-up specifically for the iPad Mini. We address the device’s vulnerabilities, namely, a highly crackable and scratchable screen and other glossy surfaces, and compensate for them in a repair engineer-designed iPad Mini case that remains thin and stylish.

Because we know that everyone uses their iPad differently, we’ve designed an entire range of iPad Mini cases to suit your specific needs. For parents, the Monkey KidProof Series is tailored to the high-energy (and sometimes high-impact) style of little tikes, all in a wacky package that’s just as practical as it is fun. If smart sensibility is more your style, go for our Folio Series, where clean lines and a sleek look headline premium construction.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in kid-proof durability, practical usability, or anything in between, we’ve got an iPad Mini case to fit your needs. Don’t forget to complete your iPad protection with a tempered glass iPad screen protector or iPad privacy screen protector. And, as always, we’ve got the protective gear to outfit all your tech accessories, like AirPods cases and much more, just a few clicks away.